You may think freemasonry is an expensive lifestyle choice, but you may be surprised to hear that membership of Beacon Lodge costs less than a membership to other exclusive organisations, such as golf clubs or private societies.

Individual membership of Beacon Lodge is payable annually in January and is currently £310 for the year. This money pays for Grand Lodge fees, Provincial Grand Lodge fees, and subscription to the building. Changes to the membership fee are discussed every year by the lodge committee.

There is also an initial joining fee of £60, which is only payable once, to cover registration as a freemason.

Every month, after the formal meeting, we enjoy a meal together which costs £15.

The Lodge participates in various charitable giving, often with specialist ‘charity festivals’ held by the Provincial Grand Lodge. It is expected that a member will participate in charitable giving at a level which is well within his means, with various patronage levels and awards given to members who provide various levels of contributions.

Beacon Lodge, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire West Riding, or the United Grand Lodge of England, do not call upon anyone to give anything more than he can comfortably afford.

As you may have seen, freemasons wear different regalia which does carry a cost...but this is not exhaustive! Beacon Lodge will be able to supply you with aprons for your first few degrees, but you will be expected to purchase a Master Mason apron once you complete the Third Degree. These can be sourced at a cost ranging from £10-30, depending on the quality you require.

As you progress through the ranks, you will find it quite a privilege to wear different regalia. An Installed Master's apron, which you may be entitled to wear after approximately 10 years of dedication, costs around £40 - but if you are lucky your proposer may give you theirs!

It is tradition in Beacon Lodge that once you are initiated, you are presented with a provincial tie, which you can wear to every meeting. Alternatively, silk ties can be purchased for around £15.


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