The members of Beacon Lodge meet at Southwood Club every Thursday, between 7:00-7:30pm, excluding any days which may fall on public holidays.

Once a month, on the first Thursday, we have a formal Lodge Meeting which starts at 7:00pm. This meeting could be described as a ‘business meeting’ where we agree the running of the Lodge, but they are often more than that – most meetings will involve bringing in or progressing new members by performing ritual dramas. On other Lodge Meetings we may listen to a special guest deliver a talk or lecture, on a subject close to our hearts, or possibly present awards to our members.

After the main meeting we reassemble downstairs to share a 3 course meal and socialise with our friends from other lodges with a series of formal and informal toasts, where we show respect to the senior members in our fraternity.

Every other Thursday we hold a Lodge of Instruction, where we talk about our business and usually prepare for the formal meetings, constantly striving to improve our characters, general deportment and behaviour amongst ourselves and others. In many instances we will discuss matters of interest or listen to talks on various subjects – however it is strictly forbidden to discuss politics or religion purely because it is considered that these two subjects are the main causes of discord between members of any group or organisation, not just freemasons..

We also encourage prospective members to come along and join us on these evenings, where they can come and meet members of Beacon Lodge, and, if they wish, pursue membership.


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